New Areas and State Land

17 06 2008

Its no secret that the state doesn’t exactly look favorably upon bolting any routes on public land. However, setting up a top rope or bouldering aren’t too big a deal as long as you use discretion and act responsibly.

We’ve been checking out parks in the vicinity and have run across a few places with obvious potential. One such place is Big Rocks Park, a city park in Glen Rose with what could be decent bouldering right on the Paluxy River. (This flickr user has chosen not to allow embedded pics, so click the link.)

Another is Dinosaur Valley State Park, the park made famous for the dinosaur footprints embedded in the limestone riverbed.

The limestone in these parks is the same that made Cleburne famous back in the day, and there’s gotta be more in the area. We’re hoping to do an exploratory trip in the next few weeks and we’ll let you know what we find. Feel free to beat us to the punch.



One response

20 06 2008

that boulder looks worth it right there. lets head out there sometime soon zach. and this site’s a great idea. keep it up

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