Sunday Video Roundup

30 11 2008

Brought to you by power lines, lightning, and bad ideas in home climbing wall construction.

Also, a short panorama of Potrero Chico, because its that time of year.

A little taste of Reimer’s

25 11 2008

Because I’m bored.

Also, Youtube’s going wide screen. Weird.

Build Your Own Wall Version 2.0

24 11 2008

Awhile back I put up some links about how to create your own climbing wall, and even your own climbing holds. This post takes it up a notch courtesy of

In the deep dark recesses of that website, I stumbled upon one of the best do-it-yourself home boulders I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ll say its the best DIY home boulder I’ve seen.

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

He wrote about the whole process with tips and suggestions for everything. I’m already planning mine.

Climbing Comp and Adopt-a-Crag

21 11 2008

December 5-7th at Camp Eagle. Should be a great time.

Visit for more details.

Old School

17 11 2008

I updated the Topos page today with a classic from the Oklahoma climbing scene courtesy of FusionFortySeven.

You can now download Southern Exposure: A Climber’s Guide to Oklahoma, the original Oklahoma climbing guide by Duane Raleigh.

In Search of San Antone

10 11 2008

Well, its sounds like the Granite Gripper was another success. It’s definitely the best comp in Texas, and it all supports Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Some of the Abilene fellas made the journey and wrote about the experience

It’s all starting to make me really miss living down in the hill country. There’s just so much good climbing and so much history. (My quest for knowledge about Texas climbing spots isn’t just limited to areas like The Burn up here in North Texas).

Back in the day, a little place called The Medina near San Antonio was rumored to be the proving ground for hard Texas sport climbing. As is typical with the secret nature of these fabled Texas locales, I don’t know the specific location, but there is tons of potential along that river.

Check out some nice photos of deep water soloing on Medina Lake courtesy of the Climb San Antonio Co-op, as well as some pics of some nice cliffs along a public camping ground called Paradise Canyon.  Maybe it would be worth some effort from some locals to try and gain access to those cliffs.

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