Stoneworks Returns

11 05 2011

Carrolton’s climbing converted silos, formerly known as Stoneworks, will be reopening on May 21 as the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center bringing the same great climbing, as well as gear rental and trip guides for all other sorts of outdoor pursuits.

Check out their page here.

Panhandle Love

29 10 2009

Amarillo is a good 7-8 hours away from DFW, but they finally have a climbing gym to call their own, so I’m giving them some recognition:

Amarillo Rock Climbing House – A.R.C.H.

Congrats everyone. Keep up the good work.

Build Your Own Wall Version 2.0

24 11 2008

Awhile back I put up some links about how to create your own climbing wall, and even your own climbing holds. This post takes it up a notch courtesy of

In the deep dark recesses of that website, I stumbled upon one of the best do-it-yourself home boulders I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ll say its the best DIY home boulder I’ve seen.

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

He wrote about the whole process with tips and suggestions for everything. I’m already planning mine.

Team Texas vs. Channel 8

4 10 2008

Team Texas/Exposure Rock Gym hams it up for the local news.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Holy Swiss Ingenuity Batman!

30 06 2008

Check out this amazing video of a multi-pitch artificial route bolted onto the face of a Swiss dam.

Also, we checked out Dinosaur Valley and Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose this weekend. We’ll give you the full update soon.