Build Your Own Wall Version 2.0

24 11 2008

Awhile back I put up some links about how to create your own climbing wall, and even your own climbing holds. This post takes it up a notch courtesy of

In the deep dark recesses of that website, I stumbled upon one of the best do-it-yourself home boulders I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ll say its the best DIY home boulder I’ve seen.

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

He wrote about the whole process with tips and suggestions for everything. I’m already planning mine.

Build Your Own Wall

26 06 2008

By now that government stimulus check is probably burning a hole in your pocket. If you’ve not already spent it all filling up your SUV, consider building a garage climbing wall to get your fix.

Check out these sites for more info:

And if you’re feeling really industrious, you can even make your own holds. The following are pretty interesting.

Good luck….