Dallas Sandstone?

30 05 2011

Correction, make that sandstone near-ish to Dallas.  Courtesy of the Five-Ten Climbing Blog, Ian Dory spills the beans about a new top secret crag within 2 hours drive of Dallas.

“…Jared & Ben have also been developing this new area 2 hours from Dallas (sorry to be vague BUT the location is a bit of a secret.) Well needless to say its a GOLDMIND- really an undeveloped HP40 with unbelievable fields of sandstone boulders.”

More than likely, this means another secret crag available only to an elite few and/or trespassing on someone else’s land where you’ll be chased off by the gun owning landowner or subject to criminal penalties.  And 2 hours drive puts you in Oklahoma, so who knows where it really is.  Sigh.

But here’s hoping that this area continues to develop into a public friendly climbing area for any and all regional climbers.  We need it.


Robbers Cave Oklahoma

15 07 2009

The Organic Climber recently remade the very rough Robber’s Cave topo that was available at rockclimbing.com   What once was hand-drawn on a napkin with a bloody flapper is now a a clear and concise guide.

Visit the Topos page to download.

Old School

17 11 2008

I updated the Topos page today with a classic from the Oklahoma climbing scene courtesy of FusionFortySeven.

You can now download Southern Exposure: A Climber’s Guide to Oklahoma, the original Oklahoma climbing guide by Duane Raleigh.