Rock Climbing in DFW

This site exists to help connect the community of Dallas-Fort Worth area climbers, i.e. those who are stuck in this soul-less rock-less metropolis.

We hope to inform you as much as possible regarding the limited climbing opportunities in the area, but this is also a place to talk about all things climbing, particularly anything involving local climbers.

Just for kicks our banner pic is yet another ubiquitous climbing ass shot.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email to climbdfw(AT)gmail.com

Other Disclaimer:

We post videos and information that are/were already available in the public domain.  Send your complaints to whomever put the original file up, not us.

One response

15 05 2009
Jesse Reynolds

Hey DFW, thanks for the write up and suggestion for my site. The name seem’s to have stumped some people down here and they usually got a laugh when I explain who we are; climbing SPRAY +based out of ATX = sprAyTX.
Just a who’s who down here in Austin. My name is Jesse Reynolds, I am a local climber and filmmaker for my guilty pleasures, but my day to day is spent as a buyer for a company called Whole Earth Provision Co. ( I hope many of the DFW area climbers are aware of our stores for gear) as well as being a member of CTM (central texas mountaineers) and CHTC (climbers of hueco tanks coalition). My site is the start of what I hope to grow into the go to place to find Multimedia for climbing in Texas or climbers from by way primarily of video. With as many blogs as there can be today, we feel as if we can contribute best by showcasing media and redirecting visitors who desire info to the other climber opperated site that have more than adequate beta (I hope you don’t mind me putting you as a link).
If you have photographers or filmmakers up there, please have them contact us if they have some good footage of stuff they would like to share so we can review it adn get it out to the world. We have several people already starting to contribute but all are from Austin so far, so I appreciate you helping me spread the word and I was wondering if you would mind adding me to your links.


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