BIG NEWS, maybe. The Return of Paradise on the Brazos

30 09 2009

A recent post on the Houston Climbers Meetup group says a couple people might be purchasing Paradise on the Brazos with the intent to reopen to all outdoor activities, including climbing.

I’m hoping this is true.  POTB isn’t the most amazing climbing in Texas, but its exponentially better than the other closest rock climbing, Mineral Wells.

Check out the post:

Granite Gripper 2009

24 09 2009

Its that time of year once again, where the temperatures are perfect and the granite of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is beckoning Texas climbers for probably the best community-oriented weekend of climbing in the state.  October 17 is the 18th Annual Granite Gripper, and if you’ve never been, you should go.  If you have gone, you should go again.

Even if you don’t feel like competing, its hard to find a better weekend anywhere in the state.  Check it the details at

Hmmmmmm – UPDATED

16 09 2009

Climb San Antonio was scheduled to go live on some major webpage updates as of yesterday, September 15.  However, no such changes have yet appeared. Keep checking back, and hopefully something new will show up soon.

UPDATE – Although a lot of the site is still the same, the original Red Bluff Bouldering guide is now available for download.

Labor Day Climbing Trip

9 09 2009

Local climber and raw food enthusiast The Organic Climber posted a recap of the recent Labor Day trip we took to Shelf Road, Colorado.  We had no ambitions other than to have fun, so if you’re looking for epic tales of ‘insert difficult climbing grade here’ onsight glory, go elsewhere.

First Blood - 5.9

First Blood - 5.9. Photo by Caleb Simpson - Organic Climber

The most interesting part, other than enjoying a great weekend of climbing, was hearing all the folks up there complain about how hot the 80 degree temps were, all while pining for the “perfect sending temperatures in just another month or so.”

After routinely subjecting ourselves to 100+ degree days to climb on what little rock is available around here, there wasn’t anything to do except shake our heads in disbelief and keep climbing.