Wichita Mountains Access Alert

28 01 2009

Read up on the details at www.wichitamountains.org

Access Fund says “Don’t Mess with Texas”

8 01 2009


A hearty congratulations to the Central Texas Mountaineers who are the recipients of the 2008 Adopt-a-Crag of the Year Award from the Access Fund.

The Cen-Tex folks work really hard at taking care of their crags, working with local government and community leaders to ensure that access is enjoyed by all.

Topos Update

8 01 2009

I found a nifty piece of freeware that let me combine all the separate Reimer’s Topos into one file.

Visit the Topos page and download away!


4 01 2009

For some of you this time of year means that an opportunity to take some time from work and get some climbing in.

For others, its a long spell where other tasks take precedence.  Put me into this second camp.

So for now, nothing new in the climbing world, but I’ll try and post something soon befitting the nature of this bold new era we call 2009.