New England Ropes Maxim Recall

31 07 2008

If you use a New England Ropes Maxim Apogee 9.1mm dynamic rope or Maxim Pinnacle 9.5mm Blue Std Dry dynamic rope, check out THIS recall.

Profile – Caleb Simpson

20 07 2008

Quite a few of you have clicked on the link to Caleb Simpson on the blogroll. In case you haven’t, here’s a little spotlight. Caleb’s a photographer from Denton who’s done a lot of work in collegiate and professional sports, weddings and portraits, and of course our personal favorite: rock climbing

Check out a few of the pics from his blog (By the way, Caleb did not put anyone up to this.)


The now closed Paradise on the Brazos.

Climbing in the Wichitas

The Wichitas

Climbing at Red Rocks, NV

Red Rocks, NV

More Wichitas Climbing

More Wichitas, OK

So, if you ever need a photographer for anyone, Caleb’s your man.

Sunday Video Roundup

20 07 2008

A brief selection from around the region.

First up is a video by Greg Brooks and Tom Suhler, a couple of well known climbers in the Austin area who’ve bolted at Reimer’s among other locations, putting up new routes at Camp Eagle, a fantastic limestone crag in the hill country right on a river.

Second is a video from up in Oklahoma at The Quarry.

Fort Worth Backwoods Update

15 07 2008

Saturday July 26 from 10am-7pm and Sunday July 27 from 12pm-5pm.

Backwoods Grand Opening Weekend.

Free Backwoods Tee to first 100 customers with any purchase.

Free Climbing Wall – probably a portable one just for the weekend, since I’ve not seen anything in the store as of yet.

Live Music.

Vendor Reps on site.


Now you know.

For those in Fort Worth

8 07 2008

Backwoods has moved into their new store at 2727 W. 7th Street, and they’re holding some sort of grand opening celebration on July 26-27. I don’t know if this will entail gear giveaways or what, but I’ll post the details when I have them.


7 07 2008

By now you’ve probably noticed that this blog has centered more on the informative than on the editorial. While I’m sure that there will be times where I’ll meander off into a rant of some form or another, the main reason is that I want this blog to be accommodating to everyone who enjoys climbing.

There’s already enough attitude in the climbing realm: self-absorbed grade chasers, superfluous rock spiritualists, money-grubbing capitalists, cutthroat mountaineers, vapid fashionistas, irreverant but humorous magazine editors, and many more.

Don’t get me wrong. There are ideologues in each of these communities who have made great contributions to the climbing world, but I think we’d be better off if people would lose the over-zealous attitudes. If you climb for some specific reason, that’s fine, just don’t be such an ass about it.

Sunday Video Roundup

6 07 2008

A climber was injured in Austin last week due to a belaying accident. The details are still being discussed, but it is known that the accident occurred while the belayer was utilizing a Trango Cinch. Belaying errors are among the most common form of climber accidents, but most can be prevented.

This week’s videos show the approved methods for belaying with a Trango Cinch and a Petzl Gri-Gri.

Fortunately, the climber is now out of the hospital and on the road to recovery.