4 01 2009

For some of you this time of year means that an opportunity to take some time from work and get some climbing in.

For others, its a long spell where other tasks take precedence.  Put me into this second camp.

So for now, nothing new in the climbing world, but I’ll try and post something soon befitting the nature of this bold new era we call 2009.

Climbing Jargon

23 10 2008

Ah the vocabulary of climbing. Ignoring all the quasi-technical jargon about placing “pro” and other such safety related commands, climbers, like surfers, have developed our own slang over the years.

He’s crushing these days.

That was sick.

It’s so bomber.

I can deal with all of these and many more. But the next time I hear someone say “that’s so truck” I’m going to punch him in the face. It’s not “truck,” and you’re an imbecile.


7 07 2008

By now you’ve probably noticed that this blog has centered more on the informative than on the editorial. While I’m sure that there will be times where I’ll meander off into a rant of some form or another, the main reason is that I want this blog to be accommodating to everyone who enjoys climbing.

There’s already enough attitude in the climbing realm: self-absorbed grade chasers, superfluous rock spiritualists, money-grubbing capitalists, cutthroat mountaineers, vapid fashionistas, irreverant but humorous magazine editors, and many more.

Don’t get me wrong. There are ideologues in each of these communities who have made great contributions to the climbing world, but I think we’d be better off if people would lose the over-zealous attitudes. If you climb for some specific reason, that’s fine, just don’t be such an ass about it.