Possum Kingdom Recap

14 06 2009

This is a post dedicated to all the people who search for “possum kingdom cliff jumping” everyday or some variation of that and end up here.

Please remember the following:

1) It is ILLEGAL to jump from heights ABOVE 20 ft.

2) You may, and probably will, hurt yourself if you jump from Hell’s Gate.

So, while there have been previous discussions of the relative merits about the limestone along this lake, the preceeding two points are what you need to remember.

Don’t be the jackass that causes problems for everyone else.

Sunday Video Roundup

29 06 2008

So we’ve talked about Possum Kingdom before. Here’s a look of some cliff jumpers that will help give you an idea of what’s out there. If you survive the jump from Hell’s Gate and the drunken laughter of nearby boaters, but the rangers see you, you’ll definitely get busted. If you don’t live, they’ll probably charge your next of kin to search for your body.


These are not our videos, nor do we know whose they are.  They were found using Google.

Here’s another jump from the cliffs at the lake.

This is the same as the previous video, but from a different angle.

So this is Hell’s Gate?

4 06 2008

First things first: wordpress seems to be messing with some of the formatting, so we apologize for any weirdness with the page right now. We’re working on getting everything fixed.

Now onto the climbing….

Should you ever find yourself at the oddly named Possum Kingdom Lake northwest of Fort Worth, prepare to be amazed. The lake has amazingly high limestone cliffs great potential for sport routes or DWS. However, as with most locations in Texas, the cliffs either belong to the government or are in the private hands of the wealthy. Either way, the rule of the day is STAY OFF.  Jumping from heights above 20 is prohibited, as is climbing or rappelling on Brazos River Authority lands.

This picture is of the area known as Hell’s Gate. It opens to a secluded cove that’s typically occupied by drunk college students, or those who wish they were still drunk college students.

This pic shows some of the amazing potential found along the shores of the lake. If only the McMansions weren’t occupying the top.