The Limestone Cliffs of Amistad

26 03 2010

Check out this page for a recent taste of whats available along the shores of Amistad National Reservoir and the Pecos and Devil’s Rivers.  Looks like some amazing bouldering and DWS, as well as some roped climbs probably out at Continental Ranch.

If the photos are any clue, VTP will be having some footage up shortly as well.


Texas and the rest of the world….

8 08 2008

There’s a post over at Erockonline that’s discussing the finer points of Texas climbing when compared to other more notable locales (Hueco Tanks excluded). Someone inevitably mentioned the abundance of rock in the state but with the caveat of difficult access due to remoteness and private property.

It really got me thinking about the Pecos River, near Del Rio. There’s already some great climbing on the Continental Ranch, and there used to be climbing right near the Hwy 90 Bridge/Amistad Reservoir Boat Ramp. Of all the places in Texas, the Pecos has probably the best potential for tall limestone climbing. Sure there are some nice crags tucked away here and there in the hill country, and even some taller cliffs like Camp Eagle, but the Pecos has miles and miles of uninterrupted cliff-line as tall as 300+ feet. If any of that barren land ever made it into the public domain and was available for climbing, Del Rio might become more than a border town with an Air Force base and a bass fishing problem.

These photos, taken from the lookout at the Hwy 90 bridge over the Pecos, will give you an idea of what’s out there. The bridge is around 275 feet tall. If you’re interested in climbing photos go to

View of Pecos River from Hwy 90 Bridge

View of Pecos River from Hwy 90 Bridge

More Pecos Cliffs

More Pecos Cliffs