Caldwell wins 24 Hours of Horseshoe

9 10 2009

Our brethren to the northeast are really making a name for Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, the epitome of southern sandstone sport and bouldering.  The annual 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell climbing competition is really making a name for itself as well.  24 hours to complete as many routes as you can.

Last year it drew the likes of Sonnie Trotter, and this year Tommy Caldwell tried his hand at the comp and destroyed everyone.  Check out a recap by Oklahoma’s Andy Chasteen

In other news:  Still no word on Paradise on the Brazos.  I’ve sent messages and emails to other parties who seem to be involved, but no response thus far.

Climbing Comp and Adopt-a-Crag

21 11 2008

December 5-7th at Camp Eagle. Should be a great time.

Visit for more details.

Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere

30 08 2008

DFW local Ryan Sewell is currently competing in the World Youth Championships in Australia this week. Ryan has crushed some big lines, like making the fourth ascent of Sharma’s King Lion in Arkansas. He is more famous however for catching the hantavirus while climbing in Colorado last year, even appearing on the Discovery Channel show Mystery ER about the ordeal.

At any rate, good luck to Ryan and here’s a little video or two of him.

Sunday Video Roundup

8 06 2008

Check out these two great videos. The first is a highlight reel of the Granite Gripper, the classic climbing comp held at Enchanted Rock every fall. The second is the greatest free solo video we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately its not from Texas.