Caving – climbing’s underground doppelganger

10 06 2008

One of the cool parts about the Texas Hill Country is the abundance of caves throughout the region. If you’re a fan of climbing/rappelling and don’t mind dirty confined spaces, then caving may be a good fit. Check out the following groups to get involved:

DFW Grotto – DFW –
Maverick Grotto – Ft. Worth –
Cowtown Grotto – Ft. Worth –

Join the Club

10 06 2008

Most of you are probably familiar with DFW’s Texas Mountaineers. What you may not know about is the Texins Outdoor Club, an outdoor club sponsored by Texas Instruments. You don’t have to be an employee of TI to join. If you’re interested in outdoor activities in addition to climbing, this could be the club for you.

Tonight is their monthly meeting at REI. Texas Instruments employee Philippe Gatta is sharing about his experiences climbing the Seven Summits.

7:00PM REI Dallas