Camp Eagle Climbing Weekend

8 03 2011

Camp Eagle, in the hill country, recently held a climbing event in conjunction with the USA Track and Field 50 mile national champion ship trail run they hosted this past weekend. All in all it was a great weekend, though the climber turnout was a little on the low side.  There was supposed to be a healthy sized contingent of Austin climbers headed out, but most bailed.

While I’m waiting for a few photos from the AbileneClimbers who made it out, I thought I’d post a video of Scott Chapman climbing the 5.12+ Say Yes To Jimi.  If you’re looking for spectacular filming, look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a simple video showing the potential of what’s out at Camp Eagle, continue watching.

And here’s a nice aerial view of the property and beautiful cliff line that someone filmed from a remote control plane.

Helmet Cam in 3 Parts

27 05 2010

The following is Scott Chapman wearing a helmet cam while climbing what I think is Say No to Jimmy (5.9) into the extension project Say Yes to Jimmy (5.13+).  Part 2 is the transition from mostly vertical face thru a large roof and into tiny holds.

More Erock Video Goodness

1 02 2010

Before the video however, don’t forget the Access Fund-sponsored climbing weekend at Camp Eagle. $20 gets you a full weekend of camping, climbing, T-shirt, raffles, and some of the most fun you’ve had climbing in Texas.  Feb 13-14.

And now the Black Pearl, Enchanted Rock:

Climbing Festivus and Adopt-A-Crag

24 10 2009

So the Granite Gripper sounds like it was another great success.  All the info you could ever want is posted at erockonline.

For those that missed but that still want to take part in a great climbing weekend, check out Camp Eagle’s Climbapalooza coming up Dec 5-6.

Everytime they host an event you can be sure its going to be awesome.  The adventure races and mountain bike races they host out there are consistently ranked as top in the state, but for some reason the climbing community as a whole has been a little slow getting the point.

Prolific central Texas new-route-gurus  Tommy Blackwell, Dave Cardosa, Scott Harris, Greg Brooks, Tom Suhler, Luke Bowman, and Evan Jackson have all put up routes out there.  (You’ll see their names on many a route in Austin Rock and other area guidebooks.)

2-3 hours from Austin/San Antonio, 5ish from DFW.  You can pitch a tent, or rent a cabin, or bring an RV.  You can enjoy the river, the cliffs, the mountain bike trails, and more.  Think of it as a limestone version of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, only in Texas.

All that to say: GO CLIMB AT CAMP EAGLE.

Here’s a quick lo-fi video of the latest 5.13 traverse put up out there:

Abilene Climbers Roadtrip Recap

15 10 2009

Eric, who maintains the blog Abilene Climbers and who is responsible for a lot of work and development at Lake Brownwood, posted a weekend recap of his recent trip to Camp Eagle and some of the taller limestone routes in Texas.  Check out his post for pics and more.

Still no word on P.O.B.

Screw work. Go climbing.

2 03 2009

Just got back from a long weekend down at Camp Eagle, where the limestone is tall and the weather was perfect.  Ran into a bunch of leaders from UT-Austin’s Outdoor Rec program scouting the location for some future climbing trips, in addition to all the other great outdoor activities to be had out there – mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

The long and short of it is that I’m not quite ready to go back to work.  I’d much rather be there still.

Check out the Topo page to download the Camp Eagle guide with more pics to see what I’m talking about.

Camp Eagle Pic

3 12 2008

For some reason the link I posted in the Austin Climbing yahoo group broke, so here it is:

No Guts No Glory 5.10+, Bolted by Tom Suhler and Greg Brooks

No Guts No Glory 5.10+ at Camp Eagle

No Guts No Glory 5.10+ at Camp Eagle