Paradise on the Brazos OPEN!

15 07 2011

From Scott Strong on the Mountain Project Forums :

“Good news folks. POB is no longer limited access. After climbing at POB today, we spoke with the property owner, Freddy. He told us to get the word out that POB is back open for climbing. The usual rules still apply:

Climbing is $10 a day
Camping is $6 a day

There is a drop box and sign in sheet at the house. Inside the box there are waivers that must be filled out if you’ve never been out there before. Freddy lives there, he knows who goes in and out, and he keeps track of who doesn’t pay. So please, for the sake of access, please pay for your climbing and camping.

When burn bans are not in affect (and they currently are), campfires are allowed. Be respectful! This is private property and we are being allowed to use what it has to offer through the graciousness of the owner. Practice leave no trace.

It may be chossy, but it is indeed paradise. Let’s enjoy it and make sure it stays open!”

A Little Piece of POB History

11 08 2010

For those that are interested in a bit of climbing nostalgia, the old Paradise on the Brazos message board is still located online in some obscure corner of the internet.  The posts run May 2003 until Jan 2007.

You can still peruse posts by The Organic Climber (Caleb), Abilene Climbers (Eric), Texas Tech University’s Outdoor Pursuits director Curt Howell, Mark Hyde who drew the Mineral Wells Topo, and of course Jimmy Ray.

Nothing super exciting there, but still an interesting bit of history nonetheless.