Lost Climbing of Texas

5 03 2012

Recently the Central Texas Mountaineers out of Austin held their monthly meeting where they discussed the “lost” crags of Texas, areas where climbing historically existed but to where access is tenuous or non-existent. The presentation was posted on Erockonline.com and you can view the slides HERE.

The author, Joel Schopp, is a CTM officer and Access Fund regional coordinator. He’s looking for a few good folks to champion specific crags to see if we can bring them back into the climbing fold.

Check out the link for some great info.



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5 03 2012
Joel Schopp

Glad you liked the presentation. Since giving the talk I’ve found a number of other areas. One of my favorites of those is west of Forth Worth about 50 miles. If anybody is interested in helping out with gaingin access to that area, other areas, or just chatting about the various climbing areas in Texas shoot me an email or come on down to the Limestoner on March 31st at Reimers Ranch and talk to me in person.

10 04 2012

Looking at this site, it’s clear to me someone should write with a theme/title along the lines of “Everywhere But Austin Texas”. “-)

10 04 2012

Reblogged this on Monsterrock’s Weblog and commented:
I had alot of fun writing a goofy, simple text-only guidebook to Monster Rock back in ’07, with updates the next year (available at http://www.MonsterRock.info). Late ’08 we started developing the North Shore extension of Reimers, and I kept a straight, all business text guide for North Shore’s new routes, distributing it to other developes there. These efforts forced me to use precise text and landmarks to help identify routes. I mentioned landmarks and spots where routes share starting or finishing bolts.
Then I was invited to write a new guidebook for the Austin area, eventually assuming the whole project. I kept the disciplined text style but worked up many full-color topo photos, often with climber action in them. I collected alot of history, fun stories and joked around alot. Please check it out at http://www.AustinClimbingBook.com. Thanks! –John

10 04 2012

Weird–I thought this would post to my Monster Rock blog. Oh well. Delete if it seems out-of-place.

3 09 2012

Some work needs to happen to secure the use of the “Library Wall” (as I believe it is called), and the other stuff just across the road from Bull Creek bouldering. There look to be some fun routes there up to maybe 60ft tall

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