Denton Bouldering Gym

16 06 2012

If you live in the Denton area and are interested in helping start a bouldering gym, check out

I don’t know these guys or have any affiliation with them, but wish them luck in their endeavor.

Big Rocks Park re-visited

29 08 2011

Remember the post that was made a few years back about Big Rocks Park and Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose?

Well, it seems that a Dublin local has put up quite a few boulder problems.  He admits that its no destination, but if you’re passing thru or when the temperature is 100+ degrees out and you want to be near some water, check it out.

Everything is posted over on Mountain Project, under Paluxy River Boulders.

Hueco Tanks MOU Update

25 03 2011

Jamie McNally, Access Fund Board of Directors Vice President, just posted the new Hueco Tanks Memorandum of Understanding signed between Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Climbers of Hueco Tanks Coalition. Information contained within the MOU deals with the maintenance of anchors on roped climbs, and a prohibition of new sport routes.

Read all of the info at, where McNally is an active contributor.

Lake Brownwood Video

1 04 2010

Its almost unknown outside of the Abilene area, but near Brownwood, Texas is a small lake with some quality bouldering.  One problem in particular has been the subject of attempts for several years.  It is an tall overhanging block with small crimps and a horrible landing.

This past week, Scott Chapman of Camp Eagle and Eric Gentry of AbileneClimbers made the first and second ascents of Jack in the Box.  The following video is the second ascent.

Visit AbileneClimbers for more photos and a recap of the send.

The Limestone Cliffs of Amistad

26 03 2010

Check out this page for a recent taste of whats available along the shores of Amistad National Reservoir and the Pecos and Devil’s Rivers.  Looks like some amazing bouldering and DWS, as well as some roped climbs probably out at Continental Ranch.

If the photos are any clue, VTP will be having some footage up shortly as well.

Granite Gripper 2009

24 09 2009

Its that time of year once again, where the temperatures are perfect and the granite of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is beckoning Texas climbers for probably the best community-oriented weekend of climbing in the state.  October 17 is the 18th Annual Granite Gripper, and if you’ve never been, you should go.  If you have gone, you should go again.

Even if you don’t feel like competing, its hard to find a better weekend anywhere in the state.  Check it the details at

New York Times and Hueco Tanks

14 04 2009

It seems the paper has discovered a piece of far west Texas, its controversies, its attributes, its people and summarized it in 2 pages with a nice feel good ending.

Centex Bouldering Goodness

2 04 2009

Among the best of the videos highlighting some good ol’ central Texas limestone bouldering. Quality lines and quality filming. Enjoy….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Build Your Own Wall Version 2.0

24 11 2008

Awhile back I put up some links about how to create your own climbing wall, and even your own climbing holds. This post takes it up a notch courtesy of

In the deep dark recesses of that website, I stumbled upon one of the best do-it-yourself home boulders I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ll say its the best DIY home boulder I’ve seen.

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

He wrote about the whole process with tips and suggestions for everything. I’m already planning mine.

Sunday Video Roundup

19 10 2008

It’s been awhile since the last video roundup.

Check out Slashface V4, J-Tree courtesy of the new video site  The site hopes to become a Youtube for the climbing world, with nice features like embeddable clips that other sites like MomentumVM don’t have. It’s still fairly new, but go check it out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.