These Texas and Oklahoma topos were collected from various places on the internet where all were made available to any and all users 100% free of charge. The best info is still in the formal guidebooks Austin Rock, Texas Limestone Bouldering, Enchanted Rock Climber’s Guide, and Oklahoma Select. However those guides don’t cover all these locations, so download away….

Camp Eagle Climbing Guidebook – They re-did their website, and this is the only spot to get the old guide. I recommend downloading it in addition to their new one available at

Continental Ranch 1 – Part 1 of the Continental Ranch Topos

Continental Ranch 2 – Part 2 of the Continental Ranch Topos

Enchanted Rock Backside – Backside Topo update for E-Rock.

Lake Brownwood – Brought to you by AbileneClimbers

Mineral Wells – This topo combines the official state park guide with the better grade info from Texas Limestone II and Texas Limestone Bouldering.

McKinney Falls – Free Dr. Topo bouldering topo

Monster Rock Climbing Guide – Check for the most recent updates.

Oklahoma Chandler Park Topo – Tulsa’s finest.

Oklahoma – Southern Exposure – Wichitas and Baldy Peak. The original Classic OK Guide.

Red Bluff San Antonio Topo – The original guide by Joe Sulak.  A great download! (Very large file however.)

Reimer’s Ranch Topo – the old topos combined into one nifty file.  Old, but FREE.

Robber’s Cave Topo – A much better looking version than the file, courtesy of Organic Climber.

Rogers Park Bouldering Topo – Free Dr.Topo bouldering topo

5 responses

9 06 2009
Keith Reed

First time for me on this website. Thanks for the pdf’s of Reimers and POB.
I lost my POB copy last hard drive failure.
Questions for y’all:
Who runs this site?
Where do y’all like to climb?

14 06 2009

Right now its just me running the site, a pseudo-anonymous climber in DFW.

I like to climb a lot of places that aren’t really in DFW, but that being said I’m up for climbing anywhere.

1 06 2010
full on tourist

Great site! Thanks for the info.

16 03 2011

Any updated info on the infamous Chisholm Wall outside of Cleburne? Been about 4-5 years since I last paid a visit. Think it may be time to venture out that way again.

19 10 2012
John Hogge

Note: my 2012 book Austin Climbing covers Austin area sport climbing and DWS. Get it at

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