Ft. Worth to France

26 07 2009

Check out a new blog post from Ft. Worth local Kevin about his recent trip to France which found him climbing in the famous Verdon Gorge.  He even shot some footage for your viewing entertainment.


Mineral Wells Again

28 06 2009

Okay, quick update to the Mineral Wells Topo available on the TOPOS page.  This version should be much cleaner since I typed the route info instead of just writing on it.

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Mineral Wells State Park Topo

26 06 2009

I was out at Mineral Wells recently to do some climbing.  It was then that I picked up a copy of the topo provided by the park.  It has a much better map than the drawings available in the guidebooks Texas Limestone II and Texas Limestone Bouldering.  However, the route grade info on the state park topo is extremely incomplete, so I decided to do a quick conglomeration of all available materials.   If you go to the TOPOS page, you can now download the official state park Topo with updated grade information.  More convenient than the guidebooks, more informative than TPWD, its the best of both worlds.

It’s not super neat/clean since the guide is a scan of a copy, but its a start.

Download it before your next trip.

ClimbDFW Turns 1: Spotlight on Local Mutants

4 06 2009

Yesterday ClimbDFW hit its 1 year anniversary.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would make it this long simply due to the lack of available climbing around here, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The site has a growing list of readers, information is being shared, and more local climbers are posting their adventures online.

Despite the aforementioned dearth of available climbing here, DFW still has its share of climbing mutants who are quickly making names for themselves in the national arena.  One of those is Ryan Roden, who took first in the Limestoner down at Reimer’s in March.

Should you be interested in reading up on Roden’s adventures, you can find his blog here : http://www.future-references.blogspot.com/

Be aware that in his journey toward the spotlight, the particular name he is attempting to adopt is the moniker “Future” so you won’t really see his actual name on that page so much. Don’t ask me what it means, because I don’t know.

In related but older news, Joe Kinder was also present for the Limestoner and wrote up a very nice piece praising central Texas limestone on his blog .  (Incidentally, Kinder also makes a reference to Roden, but in his particular case specifically refuses to call him “Future.”)

The Burn, Mileski, and the early days of North Texas Climbing

13 03 2009

So I was perusing the web the other day, when I stumbled across this piece from the mostly-defunct toprope.com about Cleburne and a certain Jack Mileski .  I had heard about Jack from various folks and have seen him mentioned in everything from online climbing sites to newspaper articles, but had never the privilege of meeting him, and was hoping to learn more.

What follows is a great bit about Jack and the early days of The Burn.


Hostility Boulders Anyone?

18 10 2008

Maybe they should have just stuck with Ham Creek Park since that’s what it is on all the maps, but I guess everyone’s gotta get some in the name game.

At any rate, a few of us will be there tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, noonish.

See you there.

WTF? Chisholm Wall/The ‘Burn

11 10 2008

Remember my earlier rant about the Chisholm Wall (aka The ‘Burn) in Cleburne? About how it’s been closed longer than today’s high schoolers have been alive? About how we should reopen it? About how nobody seems to know exactly where it is?

Apparently, youth climbing Team Texas has been holding out on us. If you visit their webpage, 6 of those kids list The ‘Burn as one of the places they’ve climbed outdoors. WTF?

The rumors of a temperamental gun-toting land owner can’t be too accurate if 13- and 14-year olds are climbing out there.