The Limestone Cliffs of Amistad

26 03 2010

Check out this page for a recent taste of whats available along the shores of Amistad National Reservoir and the Pecos and Devil’s Rivers.  Looks like some amazing bouldering and DWS, as well as some roped climbs probably out at Continental Ranch.

If the photos are any clue, VTP will be having some footage up shortly as well.


POB will NOT re-open.

18 01 2010

“Well Folks…Bad news for POB. The Land aquisition fell through with the new potential buyers who were willing to reopen to climbers. The land is going back up on the market and the fate of POB lies in the hands of whoever may purchase it in the near future. For now POB is closed to the public for climbing. Sorry to bear the bad news.”

Ryan Ray

Climbing Festivus and Adopt-A-Crag

24 10 2009

So the Granite Gripper sounds like it was another great success.  All the info you could ever want is posted at erockonline.

For those that missed but that still want to take part in a great climbing weekend, check out Camp Eagle’s Climbapalooza coming up Dec 5-6.

Everytime they host an event you can be sure its going to be awesome.  The adventure races and mountain bike races they host out there are consistently ranked as top in the state, but for some reason the climbing community as a whole has been a little slow getting the point.

Prolific central Texas new-route-gurus  Tommy Blackwell, Dave Cardosa, Scott Harris, Greg Brooks, Tom Suhler, Luke Bowman, and Evan Jackson have all put up routes out there.  (You’ll see their names on many a route in Austin Rock and other area guidebooks.)

2-3 hours from Austin/San Antonio, 5ish from DFW.  You can pitch a tent, or rent a cabin, or bring an RV.  You can enjoy the river, the cliffs, the mountain bike trails, and more.  Think of it as a limestone version of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, only in Texas.

All that to say: GO CLIMB AT CAMP EAGLE.

Here’s a quick lo-fi video of the latest 5.13 traverse put up out there:

Abilene Climbers Roadtrip Recap

15 10 2009

Eric, who maintains the blog Abilene Climbers and who is responsible for a lot of work and development at Lake Brownwood, posted a weekend recap of his recent trip to Camp Eagle and some of the taller limestone routes in Texas.  Check out his post for pics and more.

Still no word on P.O.B.

The Return of Paradise on the Brazos Part TWO

5 10 2009

Posted on

hi this is jordanna jones and we are looking into buying pob we are hoping to close on or around the middle of this month we are going to open it back up. we dont know anything about rock climbing so if yall would help fill us in we would appr. give us a call or email me at or look us up at thanks looking foward to meeting everyone”

I have initiated contact at the provided email, and eagerly await a reply.  We’ll see what happens.

BIG NEWS, maybe. The Return of Paradise on the Brazos

30 09 2009

A recent post on the Houston Climbers Meetup group says a couple people might be purchasing Paradise on the Brazos with the intent to reopen to all outdoor activities, including climbing.

I’m hoping this is true.  POTB isn’t the most amazing climbing in Texas, but its exponentially better than the other closest rock climbing, Mineral Wells.

Check out the post:

Labor Day Climbing Trip

9 09 2009

Local climber and raw food enthusiast The Organic Climber posted a recap of the recent Labor Day trip we took to Shelf Road, Colorado.  We had no ambitions other than to have fun, so if you’re looking for epic tales of ‘insert difficult climbing grade here’ onsight glory, go elsewhere.

First Blood - 5.9

First Blood - 5.9. Photo by Caleb Simpson - Organic Climber

The most interesting part, other than enjoying a great weekend of climbing, was hearing all the folks up there complain about how hot the 80 degree temps were, all while pining for the “perfect sending temperatures in just another month or so.”

After routinely subjecting ourselves to 100+ degree days to climb on what little rock is available around here, there wasn’t anything to do except shake our heads in disbelief and keep climbing.