Old School

17 11 2008

I updated the Topos page today with a classic from the Oklahoma climbing scene courtesy of FusionFortySeven.

You can now download Southern Exposure: A Climber’s Guide to Oklahoma, the original Oklahoma climbing guide by Duane Raleigh.


Profile – Caleb Simpson

20 07 2008

Quite a few of you have clicked on the link to Caleb Simpson on the blogroll. In case you haven’t, here’s a little spotlight. Caleb’s a photographer from Denton who’s done a lot of work in collegiate and professional sports, weddings and portraits, and of course our personal favorite: rock climbing

Check out a few of the pics from his blog calebsimpsonphoto.blogspot.com. (By the way, Caleb did not put anyone up to this.)


The now closed Paradise on the Brazos.

Climbing in the Wichitas

The Wichitas

Climbing at Red Rocks, NV

Red Rocks, NV

More Wichitas Climbing

More Wichitas, OK

So, if you ever need a photographer for anyone, Caleb’s your man.

Sunday Video Roundup

20 07 2008

A brief selection from around the region.

First up is a video by Greg Brooks and Tom Suhler, a couple of well known climbers in the Austin area who’ve bolted at Reimer’s among other locations, putting up new routes at Camp Eagle, a fantastic limestone crag in the hill country right on a river.

Second is a video from up in Oklahoma at The Quarry.

Sunday Video Roundup

8 06 2008

Check out these two great videos. The first is a highlight reel of the Granite Gripper, the classic climbing comp held at Enchanted Rock every fall. The second is the greatest free solo video we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately its not from Texas.