Centex Bouldering Goodness

2 04 2009

Among the best of the videos highlighting some good ol’ central Texas limestone bouldering. Quality lines and quality filming. Enjoy….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Build Your Own Wall Version 2.0

24 11 2008

Awhile back I put up some links about how to create your own climbing wall, and even your own climbing holds. This post takes it up a notch courtesy of fusionfortyseven.com.

In the deep dark recesses of that website, I stumbled upon one of the best do-it-yourself home boulders I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ll say its the best DIY home boulder I’ve seen.

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

Fusion Forty Seven Boulder

He wrote about the whole process with tips and suggestions for everything. I’m already planning mine.

Sunday Video Roundup

19 10 2008

It’s been awhile since the last video roundup.

Check out Slashface V4, J-Tree courtesy of the new video site www.climbclips.com.  The site hopes to become a Youtube for the climbing world, with nice features like embeddable clips that other sites like MomentumVM don’t have. It’s still fairly new, but go check it out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hostility Boulders Anyone?

18 10 2008

Maybe they should have just stuck with Ham Creek Park since that’s what it is on all the maps, but I guess everyone’s gotta get some in the name game.

At any rate, a few of us will be there tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, noonish.

See you there.

Fort Richardson State Park

27 09 2008

I remembered going camping with my family as a kid at Fort Richardson State Park in Jacksboro, about an hour northwest of Ft.Worth. I remembered there being a bunch of tall rocks, so I decided to check it out today. I tried to do some research online but there wasn’t much help, as most of the pictures show empty prairie or the historical army post there.

I got there and found that yes, there are rocks. Unfortunately the tallest section is only around 20 feet or so, with most topping out around 8-10 feet or less. Nothing really spectacular. That being said, those spots that actually are tall enough are decent.

I’m not saying that Fort Richardson is worth too much attention since other better locations are in closer proximity (Hostility Boulders, Nolan River), but should you find yourself in the area with a crashpad and shoes, check around campsites 20-22 along the Lost Creek trail.

The Possibilities

6 09 2008

I was going to check out a potential new bouldering area today, but unfortunately I took a fall the other day that left me in a condition unsuited for climbing and as such won’t be headed out to explore.

No new climbing for DFW quite yet. Talk amongst yourselves.

Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere

30 08 2008

DFW local Ryan Sewell is currently competing in the World Youth Championships in Australia this week. Ryan has crushed some big lines, like making the fourth ascent of Sharma’s King Lion in Arkansas. He is more famous however for catching the hantavirus while climbing in Colorado last year, even appearing on the Discovery Channel show Mystery ER about the ordeal.

At any rate, good luck to Ryan and here’s a little video or two of him.