POB will NOT re-open.

18 01 2010

“Well Folks…Bad news for POB. The Land aquisition fell through with the new potential buyers who were willing to reopen to climbers. The land is going back up on the market and the fate of POB lies in the hands of whoever may purchase it in the near future. For now POB is closed to the public for climbing. Sorry to bear the bad news.”

Ryan Ray



One response

13 03 2011

Just went out to POB 2 weeks ago and talked to the landowners. They are allowing climbers, though the land is still listed for sale. Please be safe and take care of any and all trash for your day(s) out there. The price has been bumped to $10, though. The river level is also a little higher than normal right now, just fyi (If you pitch off Columbia roof before pulling the face, you will have wet feet).

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