Cub Cave Update

15 07 2009

I’ve been checking the ClimbSanAntonio webpage often to see if there have been any updates regarding Cub Cave, which has seen some new work thanks to ClimbSA and American Safe Climbing. Lo and behold after logging into an Austin climbing groups page, Joe Sulak had posted something this very morning. I’ve included a portion of it here:

“Currently, with the help of Ralph, Rupesh and Jesse (last weekend, thanks for your help guys!), we now have a total of 6 routes in the cave ranging from .12a to .13+.

I started Climb San Antonio with a few friends, a non-profit, to help with access as well as be a resource for San Antonio climbers. Being a new father I’ve found less and less time to devote to the project. That said, I’ve seen the need and am planning on updating the site with the most current info on climbing areas around SA. I will also soon post a guide for Cub Cave so look for that if you’re interested.

Thanks Gary for your help as well as the ASCA and Greg Barnes for the hardware.”

Good news all around.



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