ClimbDFW Turns 1: Spotlight on Local Mutants

4 06 2009

Yesterday ClimbDFW hit its 1 year anniversary.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would make it this long simply due to the lack of available climbing around here, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The site has a growing list of readers, information is being shared, and more local climbers are posting their adventures online.

Despite the aforementioned dearth of available climbing here, DFW still has its share of climbing mutants who are quickly making names for themselves in the national arena.  One of those is Ryan Roden, who took first in the Limestoner down at Reimer’s in March.

Should you be interested in reading up on Roden’s adventures, you can find his blog here :

Be aware that in his journey toward the spotlight, the particular name he is attempting to adopt is the moniker “Future” so you won’t really see his actual name on that page so much. Don’t ask me what it means, because I don’t know.

In related but older news, Joe Kinder was also present for the Limestoner and wrote up a very nice piece praising central Texas limestone on his blog .  (Incidentally, Kinder also makes a reference to Roden, but in his particular case specifically refuses to call him “Future.”)



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