WTF? Chisholm Wall/The ‘Burn

11 10 2008

Remember my earlier rant about the Chisholm Wall (aka The ‘Burn) in Cleburne? About how it’s been closed longer than today’s high schoolers have been alive? About how we should reopen it? About how nobody seems to know exactly where it is?

Apparently, youth climbing Team Texas has been holding out on us. If you visit their webpage, 6 of those kids list The ‘Burn as one of the places they’ve climbed outdoors. WTF?

The rumors of a temperamental gun-toting land owner can’t be too accurate if 13- and 14-year olds are climbing out there.



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13 10 2008

Why don’ we just head on out there one weekend? We can always play dumb if anybody says anything to us. I may ask somebody about it next time I am at Exposure. I may even show up on Thursday night when they practice and try go the the info from one of the kids if staff won’t tell me.

13 10 2008

Oh, also says the beta is in Texas Limestone II.

13 10 2008

Texas Limestone II lists routes, but not a location.

13 10 2008

the burn has been a place that MANY people have been going to over the years. i, myself, am only 18 and i have been out there about 10 times. it is my understanding that the ranch that it was on was sold to some other people, and that they dont really care. still, just keep a low profile and get in and out of the parking lot as fast as you can. other than that, have fun!

28 11 2008
mr. hyde

joe’s description and advice on the burn are spot on. the reason nobody talks about it is that most of the people that climb there would like to continue climbing there. Loose lips, sink ships if you know what i mean. being old enough to remember the “good ‘ol days” when we were chased out (but never caught) by the land owner or their surrogates makes you pretty paranoid. Regardless of who owns it now, it’s still on private property so you should be paranoid too. it’s also the kind of place that can be a little humbling unless you’re 15 years old and nationally ranked. so if you go; keep your voice down, don’t wear bright colors, be prepared to have your ass kicked and RUN if you hear banjo music!

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