Within 1.5 hours of San Antonio

8 10 2008

I bring you the best cliff I’ve seen that is within 2 hours of a major metropolitan area in Texas (El Paso excluded).

The land on the cliff-less side of the river is open for public use. I don’t know anything about the cliff ownership. $5 to anyone who can guess the name and location.




6 responses

10 10 2008

is it somewhere around kerrville?

10 10 2008


17 10 2008

wow – that looks pretty tall – maybe a couple hundred feet. Is the rock good?

17 10 2008

I haven’t been able to go hands on, but if its anything else like the other cliffs I’ve climbed on this particular river, the rock might be decent.

17 11 2008
Mark Tucker

Just found this site, sorry for the late response. That is Chalk Bluff, down toward Uvalde.
Thanks, Mark

17 11 2008

Mark is the winner. Nicely done.

The $5 is yours if you want it. Email climbdfw@gmail.com with your info.

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