Fort Richardson State Park

27 09 2008

I remembered going camping with my family as a kid at Fort Richardson State Park in Jacksboro, about an hour northwest of Ft.Worth. I remembered there being a bunch of tall rocks, so I decided to check it out today. I tried to do some research online but there wasn’t much help, as most of the pictures show empty prairie or the historical army post there.

I got there and found that yes, there are rocks. Unfortunately the tallest section is only around 20 feet or so, with most topping out around 8-10 feet or less. Nothing really spectacular. That being said, those spots that actually are tall enough are decent.

I’m not saying that Fort Richardson is worth too much attention since other better locations are in closer proximity (Hostility Boulders, Nolan River), but should you find yourself in the area with a crashpad and shoes, check around campsites 20-22 along the Lost Creek trail.



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28 09 2008

hey man, looks like thats where we should have gone this summer. Great find. When I’m back in town we’ll have to check it out. I did make it to brownwood for a couple hours today, but then it was back to studying. Check out my blog i just made

28 09 2008

There isn’t a whole lot out there. The pics definitely show the best of whats available. It does make me wonder what else is nearby. I’m always researching public land along rivers and creeks around here to see what may be available.

30 09 2008

Looks like a little bit of potential there. I would be up for checking it out sometime. But I do also want to check out the Nolan River bouldering soon as well. You up for it sometime this fall? Sundays will work best for me since I have something going on Saturdays until December.

Also, just posted a few pics from Monster Rock. The place is pretty cool. I pretty much climbed all .10’s (on lead) while I was there. I’m climbing really well lately! I was super psyched.

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