Sunday Video Roundup

8 06 2008

Check out these two great videos. The first is a highlight reel of the Granite Gripper, the classic climbing comp held at Enchanted Rock every fall. The second is the greatest free solo video we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately its not from Texas.




3 responses

9 06 2008

Nice due, and let me know if you want me to contribute to the blog in any way. Also Facebook would be a good way to promote it. Also I recently decided to stop taking freelance assignments (at least slim down) so I will have more time to climb and visit the GF when she moves to Austin, so my time may be freed up some to help here.

I’m still thinking I would like to get out to Camp Eagle sometime though and shoot Scott and/or some others on routes out there.

9 06 2008

p.s. I think the mast head needs to be something other than a butt shot 😉
Feel free to grab something from here ( or I can a see what else I might have.

9 07 2008

artistic …

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